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Retra Flash

Wherever there is light, one can photograph. Light makes photography.

Welcome to the Retra Flash.

Made for underwater photographers by underwater photographers - we have dedicated ourselves to create the best underwater strobe on the planet. 

You don't need a user manual!

It looks very familiar although you can feel it is fresh. All the controls are clear and easy to access. Even if you are using big winter gloves or barehanded, setting up the Retra Flash is done instinctively.

It's all about controlling the light. You are the master.

The Retra Flash is your tool for creativity. Shape light, use colorful filters, harden or soften the light, the Retra Flash will follow your every command without hesitation. The bayonet allows you to instantly add or remove any accessory.

Our mission.

We want to bring high quality products and services in the hands of underwater photographers. We believe that creativity can come when the tools for it's creation become invisible. This is why we are including a 2 year extendable Retra Warranty with every Retra Flash. 

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