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978-967-415-207-9 0.5 Paradise Reef - The Vengeance of Queen Hildraga, John Ung USD$5.53


Paradise Reef - The Vengeance of Queen Hildraga, John Ung

The former residents of Nemo Lagoon are settling down happily at Paradise Reef after braving many dangers, including the threat posed by the blue-ringed octopus Quene Hildraga and her army of dangerous fishes. But when Hildraga's old friend pays her a visit, the octopus sees a chance at revenge --- and perhaps claim Paradise Reef for herself. Recuperating at a reef with some Cleaner Shrimps after an encounter with a human fisherman, Myrtle...
978-967-415-869-9 0.5 Paradise Reef, John Ung USD$4.22


Paradise Reef, John Ung

It's Coral Blooming Day at Nemo Lagoon, and a festival is in full swing. But a change in the ocean currents brings toxic sludge from factories on land to the lagoon, forcing its long-time residents to move to the fabled Paradise Reef. However, that would mean going through Death Valley, home of the dreaded blue-ringed octopus Queen Hildraga and her gang of dangerous fishes. Follow King Augustus the Emperor Angelfish, Froggy the Frogfish,...