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Housing Innovation for over two decades

Since the introduction of the first Aquatica aluminum housing in 1985, Aquatica has set the standard for innovation in design and manufacturing which have led to what is today the finest and most complete housing lineup on the market. Aquatica is the first choice and in many cases, because of its extreme depth rating, the only choice of the most demanding professionals and discerning underwater photographers alike.

Aquatica’s housings represent 30 years of advancement in technology, materials and high tech design manufacturing. These housings are machined from a single aluminum block and when finished, are able to perform in the most extreme environments on the planet. The double o-ring seals on knobs and levers assure that the housings withstand pressures exceeding 100 m (300 feet). Our housings can also be fitted with a deep-water spring package allowing them in many cases to be used to depths up to 152 m (500 feet).

From innovative internal and external features that allow for easy camera installation and camera/ menu access to the equally innovative port locking mechanism, aesthetic design and finish, Aquatica has been providing the best value in underwater housings for over two decades.