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Video External Monitors


Model Weight- Product Image Price Item Name
Mangrove CV-MVD 0 Mangrove CV-MVD USD$1,238.00


Mangrove CV-MVD

100 m coaxial cable equipped with an underwater connector that allows to transmit the video signal to the surface.
Mangrove LT-V 0 Mangrove LT-V USD$28.00


Mangrove LT-V

Cap for bulkhead connector Vout.
Mangrove MS-6 1.859 Mangrove MS-6 USD$4,978.00


Mangrove MS-6

External color monitor 5.6" TFT LCD. NTSC & PAL dual system. Resolution 960(W) x 234(H). Brightness 500 cd/m2. Powered by a Lithium-Ion-Mn battery pack of 1400 mAh. Run time: 3:40 hr. Magnetic ON-OFF switch. Multivoltage smart charger. It comes with a 25mm direct ball base. Dimensions: 163 x 136 x 59 mm. Weight (air/water) 1770 g / 440 g. Max depth 200 m (660 feet). 
Mangrove Vout 0 Mangrove Vout USD$545.00


Mangrove Vout

Installation of optional bulkhead connector for Video output, it allows to bring the video signal to the surface or to an external underwater monitor. Cap included

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