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Mangrove APS


Pluggable light head with overdrive MR16 halogen lamp, specially designed for night diving, as well as for cave and wreck diving. Compatible with the battery packs: Mangrove P-PS9, P-PS4.

The APS light head utilizes a SoLux MR16 halogen lamp, the spectral power distribution of SoLux™ is identical to daylight across the visible spectrum. The result is true color rendition of everything from sparkling jewels to clothing to sensitive art collections.
The beam uniformity of SoLux™ is unsurpassed. Other MR16 and incandescent reflector lamps emit uneven or splotchy intensity patters which distract the eye and change the appearance of an illuminated object. SoLux's™ patented technology results in larger reduction of infra-red rays, up to 80 percent, when compared to standard tungsten-halogen lamps.



  • Light Source: SoLux MR16 Halogene,
  • Power consumption: 65 Watts.
  • Luminous Intensity (Candels): 17000 cd.
  • Luminous Flux (Lumen): 1235 lm.
  • High efficiency reflector.  
  • Beam angle: 17º .
  • Colour temperature:  4500 º Kelvin,
  • Output levels: 100-60%.
  • Depth rated to 200m/660 feet

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