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DB-BL10 Double Buoyancy Arm 10"



Large Buoyancy double ball arm segments were designed for the heavy Digital SLR housings and video housing.
They are 2" in diameter and constructed the same as the regular buoyancy arms.
They range in size from 8" to 16" in 2" increments to be able to add just the amount of buoyancy you need
to offset the weight of the housing and strobes or lights.

Arm Length Amount of buoyancy per arm length
8" (DB-BL08) 4.5 oz
10" (DB-BL10) 8 oz
12" (DB-BL12) 11 oz
14" (DB-BL14 14.8 oz
16" (DB-BL16) 1 pound 2 oz.


With two arm lengths, 1 AC-CSB, 2 AC-CSF, and 1 strobe adapter and 1 base adapter these are the calculations:
You will need to add in the weight of your strobes underwater to these calculations to get you to the buoyancy you need.

Arm lengths Amount of Buoyancy with parts listed above
Two 8" neutral
8" & 10" 1.75 oz
Two 10" 7 oz
10" & 12" 8.3 oz
Two 12" 11.2 oz
12" & 14" 15 oz.
Two 14" 1 pound 3 oz
14" & 16"
1 pound 6 oz
Two 16" 1 pound 9 oz.

The new style clamp (AC-CSB) is needed to put between the two new arms if you want the arms to come together.
This clamp weighs 1.3 oz more than the regular clamp.

Salt water is approximately 1.026X more dense than fresh water.
All these tests were done in fresh water

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