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Mangrove Videocompact VC-2L-Ex


Mangrove¨s new line of Hybrid lights are an industry breakthrough. The VC-2L-Ex specially designed for underwater video is supplied with two MR16 lamps, one overdrive MR16 halogen bulb, emitting 1000 lumens, and one Solid-State LED module emitting a staggering 700 lumens. Featuring two output levels, the 30w light can dim from high to medium power output levels allowing you to dim lighting for a quick exposure adjustment.
The halogen lamp supplied with the VC-2L-Ex is an Osram Decostar IRC, the IRC technology means a reduction in losses due to thermal radiation (IRC): Special bulb geometry and a sophisticated coating on the bulb ensure that the thermal (infrared) radiation is reflected and the heat emitted from the filament is reflected back to the filament. As a result the filament is heated further. This means that less electrical energy has to be supplied to the filament. On the other hand, the solid state construction of the LED module means extremely rugged, nothing to break, completely reliable with 8 separate LEDs that produces a wonderfully even beam pattern with no hot spots and no light reduction for superior video results


  • Light Source:
    • MR16 Osram Decostar IRC 51 
    • MR16 module with 8 separate LEDs
  • Power consumption: 
    • Descostar IRC: 30 W
    • LED module: 8 W
  • Luminous Intensity (Candels): 
    • Descostar IRC: 900 cd
    • LED module: 100 cd
  • Luminous Flux (Lumen):
    • Decostar IRC: 1000 lm.
    • LED module: 700 lm  
  • High efficiency reflector, free from hotspots. 
  • Diffuser lens. 
  • Beam angle:
    • Decostar IRC: aprox 100º.
    • LED module: aprox 150º 
  • Colour temperature:  
    • Decostart IRC: 3400 º Kelvin.
    • LED: 5500º Kelvin
  • Output levels: 100-60%.
  • Powered by: Lithium-Ion-Mn 14.8 V - 1600 mAh.
  • Burn time according to Lamp utilized:
    • with Halogen 30W: 45 min (100%) / 74 min (60%).
    • with LED Module 8W: aprox. 165 min  
  • Supplied with YS-mount fitting, attaches to industry-standard Sea & Sea type mounting lug.
  • Include Multi-voltage Smart charger and transport bag.
  • Suplied with handle and fixing screw.  
  • Depth rated to 200m/660 feet

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