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Aileron Open Heel Fins, Blue, M

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Foot pocket

Manufactured from material of differentiated thickness, this solution allows developing less pressure on the foot in the areas that are not critical for good transmission of the thrust to the blade, thus offering a more comfortable foot pocket while reducing possible cramps. 

Connection between blade and stringers

It consists of a fl exible joint of differentiated thickness obtained from the combination of overlapped semi-rigid and fl exible materials to a variable extent. This solution aims to obtain a bending strength of the blade proportionally increasing with respect to its relative bending angle, thus allowing an optimum bending both with lesser effort and with more Strength. Furthermore, since most of the blade bending has been concentrated in the connection area, the negative and neutral thrust areas have been drastically reduced or even almost completely eliminated to the advantage of a better performance, the power applied being equal.

Blade positioning 

The blade is positioned on a level different from the foot pocket to keep it away from any turbulence caused by the foot and the leg, so that it can work in a less disturbed area and allow the best performance. 

Furthermore, the raised position of the blade with respect to the foot pocket allows a better thrust during swimming since it is located at a lower level than the blade of traditional fi ns, while assuring an easier walk on land.

Blade features 

Due to the different thickness and combination of various materials, the peculiar structure and composition of the blade has been designed so that it can be perfectly adapted to the best hydrodynamic form it must have to guarantee the best thrust according to the power applied. The end part, very flexible and with minimum thrust function, directs the threads so as to create the least turbulence.

The stabilizing flaps, situated on the lateral sides of the blade where the blade provides more thrust, make it perfectly directional. Further-more, unlike most other fl aps, they are perfectly parallel and based on a hydrodynamic design, so that they offer the least resistance during stride, thus assuring excellent flow direction and improving the thrust performance.

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