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Monday 21 February, 2011

I hope this is the right place to post this. Apologies if it isn't. I don't post a lot but I think this deserves a shout out.

I wanted to post a recommendation for a dive shop, scuba symphony in KL. In particular a thank you to Sim who works there.

I'm currently travelling in Indonesia and while I was in Sumatra on my way to Pulau Weh I stupidly trapped the O ring in my camera casing, which meant it was kaput. The casing is a really old canon and I emailed Canon themselves to try and work out getting a replacement but they couldn't help. So not only did I have to track down an old part for an out dated casing but figure out how to get it.

I was put onto scuba symphony and I emailed them asking if they could help. They indeed could, they had one in stock as well as a new battery kit for my computer which bit the dust after 5 years service.

To keep this short and not sound like total hero worship Sim went well above and beyond in helping me get these parts to a remote part of Indonesia. I am so impressed that I wanted to just say THANK Y
Testimonial By: Lisa Godden

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